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   Model TMSS-BIO1 / TMSS-S1


Click for hi-res photoScalable High Performance Forensic Storage

Combining a 4 drive RAID 5 storage architecture, with 4 host interface options on the backplane, the TMSS storage family gives more capacity, with less weight (3.5 pounds) than any other similar storage system on the market today. The BIO1 / S1 pairs an intelligent Docking Station (BIO1), controllable through an advanced alpha-numeric LCD display, with an unlimited number of storage modules (S1) which drop into a precision-guided connector assembly on the top of the Docking Station. This scalable architecture significantly lowers the cost per TB for evidence archiving.

TMSS-BIO1 Makes Connections Easy

The TMSS-BIO1 Docking Station connects easily to any forensic host computer, over industry standard USB, FireWire and eSATA connections. Redundant temperature-sensing, variable speed cooling fans built into the Docking Station protect the drives within the attached S1 Storage Module.

The TMSS-BIO1 and S1 are powered by a single, compact AC adapter, the TP4, which is compatible with 100 - 240VAC operation.

LCD Control Panel

In addition to the acclaimed Tableau Storage Manager utility (for Windows systems), the large, high-contrast alpha-numeric LCD display on the TMSS-BIO1 Docking Station allows full command and control over nearly every aspect of drive and RAID volume operation. Using easy to clean membrane buttons, the user can navigate through a menu system providing RAID status reporting and management, SMART reporting of drive status and real-time reporting of remaining RAID volume capacity.

S1 Storage Modules

An unlimited number of S1 Storage Modules can be moved between several Docking Stations, supporting a broad number of forensic lab workflows. Once examined and logged for trial, evidentiary data on the S1 can be safely archived in an evidence locker for years, if necessary. The S1 Storage Module features vertical drive loading, for superior heat management, and a double-walled construction protects bare drives from impact, shock, dust and ESD. An industrial-grade connector provides for thousands of insertion / removal cycles with the Docking Stations.