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SOLO 102

Image MASSter Solo-102.
Forensic Hard Drive Data Acquisition unit.

The Image MASSter™ Solo-102 Forensic is a compact, economical, high speed, one-to-two SATA/IDE, USB 3.0 Hard Drive Acquisition Device designed as a low cost solution without sacrificing performance and versatility. Keeping up with the latest technology it includes 2 ports for new USB 3.0 interfaces with an average transfer speed of 4.7GB/min. User can make dual copies of a single "Suspect" drive. Additional features include 1Gigabit Ethernet port to upload images, drive encryption, source drive preview, cell phone imaging capability and more.


  1. SATA/IDE/USB3.0 interfaces
  2. Speeds exceeding 7GB/min
  3. Capture "Suspect" drive to up to 2 "Evidence" drives
  4. Easy Navigation "Swapping" Screen Interface

Average Speeds:
  1. 100% Capture/LinuxDD Capture 1 to 1 at 6.9GB/min
  2. 100% Capture/LinuxDD Capture 1 to 2 at 6.0GB/min
  3. E01 Capture at 4.2GB/min
  4. Hash E01 at 7.15GB/min
  5. E01 Capture + Hash (SHA-1) at 3.7GB/min