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Image MASSter™ Solo-4 IT hard drive duplicator is a high speed hard drive duplicator that copies, images or smart copy one hard drive to up to 3 target drives simultaneously very fast (At SATA-2 speed) with a built-in support for SAS, SATA and USB drives. This hard drive duplicator authenticates with SHA-1, SHA-2 and MD5.

It also supports IDE, RAID, e-SATA drives as well as a variety of media cards and 1.8", 2.5", 3.5", Micro Sata, Zif drives.  All "Master" drives can be encrypted "on-the-fly" during the acquisition/copy process to protect sensitive data during transportation or storage.

Image MASSter™ Solo-4 IT hard drive duplicator also offers a built-in Gigabit Ethernet connection allowing users to upload images to Storage Area Networks (SAN) for the purpose of processing and archiving images.

Image MASSter™ Solo-4 IT hard drive duplicator Kit includes the PCIE Expansion Box that brings extra connectivity to the hard drive duplicator unit.

Also includes the LinkMASSter Option that which allows users to copy or clone data from unopened Computers or Laptops.


An External Power Supply, not supplied with the Expansion Box Option, may be required to supply SCSI drive power if more than one SCSI drives are connected. If an External Power Supply is not available, it can be purchased from ICS as an accessory. The recommended ICS Power Supply Adapter is the ICS Multi-Output Power Adapter (F.GR-0052-000A).



  1. Extreme Speed: Optimized for today’s High Speed Drives, the Solo-4 IT Duplicates and Sanitizes drives at speeds exceeding 7GB/min. The unit’s design takes advantage of current drive technology and also prepares the user for future advances in drive speeds.
  2. One Write Protected “Source” Port: For the protection of the user’s original images, the unit provides one standard write protected native SATA/SAS “Source” port and one standard write protected native USB 2.0 “Source” port for the duplication of up to three “Target” drives. Optional Adapters allow imaging of IDE drives, 1.8”ZIF, 2.5” Laptop drives, and Flash Media such as Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, SD, Micro SD, Multi Media card, etc.
  3. Multiple “Target” Ports: Provides three native SATA/SAS ‘Target” ports and three native USB 2.0 “Target” ports to allow the user to make up to three copies of a single drive. One of the “Target” ports can be configured by user as an optional write protected “Source” port to allow the single copying of 2 different “Source” drives simultaneously. Optional Adapters will allow imaging to other drive devices including external RAID units.

Multiple Operational Modes:
Drive Wiping: Supports Single Pass or Multi-Pass Wiping using the DoD Standard to permanently erase all data from hard drives.

  1. Single Source Copy Mode allows Duplicating from one “Source” drive to up to three “Target” drives.
  2. Multi Source Copy Mode allows Duplicating from two “Source” drives to two individual “Target” drives.
  3. Multi Operational Mode allows performing different operations simultaneously, such as duplicating some drives while sanitizing other drives; all without any speed degradation.
  4. Multi MASSter Mode allows the duplication of up to three different “Target” hard drives from images stored on a single “Source” drive. For the user’s convenience, this mode allows for multiple images to be stored on a singe “Source” drive.

Windows Operating System: The IMSolo-4 IT runs on the Windows Operating System, providing flexibility and device compatibility support. Unit can be customized for Multi-Language support. Unit can be customized to individual’s needs upon request. Compatible with a wide range of PC peripherals.

Multiple Imaging Formats: The unit provides multiple Duplication Formats:
  1. IQCopy which copies only allocated files, greatly reducing copy time and automatically scales and formats partitions.
  2. “Percent of Disk copies all sectors including unused sectors and supports any Operating System.
  3. Multi MASSter allows for the duplication of stored images of hard drives.

“On the fly” Drive Image Encryption: Utilizing the built- in AES 256 Encryption Technology (DiskCypher) the unit encrypts data during Duplication for the purpose of safe guarding sensitive information. The process is performed with minimal speed degradation.

  1. Upload and Download Images to Network Storage Area: Images files can be uploaded and downloaded to a Network Storage Area. This will allow the user to take advantage of large storage platforms (SAN) for the purpose of processing and archiving images.
  2. Preview Data: Preview active files on the “Source” drive utilizing Windows file viewing capabilities in a write protected environment.
  3. USB Card Reader Support: Optional 3rd Party USB Card Reader Support allows use of Flash Media such as Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, SD, Micro SD, Multi Media card, etc.
  4. Write-Protection: By default, the “Source” port is permanently write-protected. Optionally, any “Target” port can be write-protected when used as a “Source” port in Multi Source Copy Mode to avoid any accidental overwrites to the original hard drive.
  5. Hashing and Data Verification: Provides Read Back Verification and Hashing using MD5 or SHA algorithms for data integrity verification