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SPEKTOR est un des outils de triage numérique le plus complet sur le marché. Utilisé aussi bien par la police, l’armée, les services gouvernementaux que par les entreprises, il permet aux utilisateurs ayant des compétences minimes d’examiner en toute sécurité le contenu d’ordinateurs, de supports amovibles et même de téléphones cellulaires. Tout cela dans un seul appareil robuste et léger.

Designed on a modular and expandable framework, SPEKTOR delivers all the power and functionality required in the field or the lab while enforcing a solid, forensically acceptable methodology with full logging and audit built in. Using an intuative, process driven touch screen interface, the operator can quickly and easily configure reusable storage devices to extract evidence or intelligence from target devices, automatically analysing the results and presenting the information on screen and allowing the user to export encrypted reports.


Regardless of the operating system on the target, SPEKTOR recovers live and deleted data (including a copy of the RAM, from a running Windows computer) and can also create complete forensic images in the common formats used by leading forensic tools.

Analysis is fully fast and automatic. SPEKTOR identifies, categorises, extracts and allows the user to quickly review pictures, movies, documents, browser activity, chat, email and many more file types without the user needing any technical knowledge.

Powerful keyword searching and hash matching features can highlight material of interest in seconds while the encryption detection module comprehensively identifies PGP, Bestcrypt, Truecrypt, Steganography, and Camoflagued data.