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Triage-Examiner est un des outils les plus complets pour analyser les ordinateurs suspects et trier les données et les fichiers dans le cadre d'une investigation forensique.

Triage-Examiner is the most comprehensive tool available today to scan suspect computers and prioritize cases for full forensic examinations.

The tool allows examiners to reduce forensic backlogs and focus their resources on likely cases by:

  1. Identifying negative computers quickly and avoiding imaging them.
  2. Providing high confidence in the triage results.
  3. Ensuring a forensically sound process.

The tool is complementary to other forensic programs. Optionally, the tool is also designed to support investigators who use the Triage-Investigator® tool.

Triage-Examiner has been selected and deployed by law enforcement agencies worldwide, and there are several documented cases of Triage-Examiner reducing forensic backlogs.

The tool integrates advanced search capabilities that surpass those provided by forensic programs today. This includes Searchpaks®, CapturePaks®, Activity Sensor, and Visual Search.