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Evolve your analysis methods and opt for collaborative work

With hexib’IT enterprise, centralize your processing power and multiply your analysis capacities. Its computing power allows processing for a whole team of investigators. Using the appropriate software, allocate the different tasks within your teams.

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Hexib’IT Enterprise
RAMFrom 256 Go ECC Registered
GPUNvidia GeForce CUDA compatible 4 Go
OS drive2x SSD 500 Go
Storage drivesFrom 8x SSD 2 To SATA

Adapt the number of cores, the amount of RAM or disk space according to the number of investigators.

Use your hexib’IT enterprise as a powerful workstation

Its performance makes it a formidable and efficient working tool for carrying out digital investigations. Benefit from the same forensics tools as our hexib’IT workstation for traditional uses such as write blockers or drive backplane.

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Choose your format: rackable vs tower

Depending on your usage and the location of the station, position it into a 19-inch rack, or on/under your desk. Hexib’IT Enterprise will adapt to your situation.

Technical support at your service

TRACIP help desk assist and advise you throughout your equipment lifespan.