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The hexib’IT product line is renewed and equipped with Ryzen CPU from AMD.

Still in search of excellence, TRACIP upgrades its hexib’IT workstations and integrates AMD Ryzen CPU, up to 65% more powerful than the Intel core i7s used until now, to significantly reduce processing times. At the same time, PCI express 4.0 doubles transfer speeds of NVMe SSDs.

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Hexib’IT LiteHexib’IT StandardHexib’IT Prime
CPUAMD Ryzen 7AMD Ryzen 9AMD Ryzen Threadripper
RAM32 Go 3200 MHz64 à 128 Go 3200 MHz128 à 256 Go 3200 MHz
GPUCarte graphique intégréeNvidia GeForce compatible CUDA 4 GoNvidia GeForce compatible CUDA 8 Go
Paniers de montage disquesx3 3,5’’ (livré avec adaptateur 2,5 vers 3,5)x3 3,5’’ (livré avec adaptateurs 2,5 vers 3,5)x3 3,5’’ (livré avec adaptateurs 2,5 vers 3,5)
Disque OS500 Go PCI-e 4.0500 Go PCI-e 4.0500 Go PCI-e 4.0
Disque de cache1 To PCI-e 4.02 To PCI-e 4.0
Espace de stockageHDD 4 ToRaid 3 HDD 2 ToRaid 4 HDD 4 To
Ecrans2×22’’ Full HD34’’ Ultra Wide QHD34’’ Ultra Wide QHD

Write blocking technologies

Our workstations are equipped with Tableau write blockers, references in the field. They allow you to make your working copies, or to process your digital medium directly in complete security, without risk of corrupting the evidence.

photo bloqueurs

Peripherals designed for ergonomics

  • A ventilated support “made by TRACIP” to place the hard drive connected to the write blocker.

photo support ventilé

  • An extra large 21:9 monitor to increase display capacity while reducing desk clutter.

photo écran

Quiet design

With its high-end case and high-performance fans, our workstation guarantees optimal cooling in absolute silence.

Technical support at your service

TRACIP help desk assist and advise you throughout your equipment lifespan.