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UFED Pathfinder

To detect actionable information among mountains of data.

Now, digital data can’t be ignore. With the constant number of digital devices and data stored in the cloud, investigators need solutions to analyze digital forensics. Celebrate Pathfinder automates data analysis and help you to resolve investigation more fast in the cloud.


Put automatically in evidence tracks proof and discover elements of key proof in every byte data, at critical times of investigation. Cellebrite Pathfinder merges automatically a large volume of data, whether they come from cell phones, the cloud, computers or telecom operators. The tool permits to  make appear links, identify, discover tracks with more rapidity and precision. 

Identify persons, not just numbers

Aggregation of different mode of identification from several source of data maybe essential to retrace the track of suspect.

Launch your investigation

Cellebrite Pathfinder brings out important information from seemingly unrelated or investigative events, locations or relationships. 

Make your image categorization in some minutes

Use the first image categorization based in artificial intelligence.