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Built in a ruggedized case to work in even the toughest environments the Image MASSterTM Solo-4 RUGGEDIZED is a high speed forensic duplicator that offers investigators the ability to image one "Suspect" to two "Evidence" drives or two separate "Suspect" drives to individual "Evidence" copies simultaneously. The ruggedized version of the IMSolo-4 Hard Drive Forensic Duplicator features the same High Speed Performance, Flexible Image Formats and reliability as the original Hand Held design. Built in a shock absorbent case, featuring cable-free SAS/SATA/USB connectors with "slide-in" hard drive slots for Suspect and Evidence Drives.

It authenticates with SHA-1, SHA-2 and MD5. It also supports IDE, RAID, e-SATA drives as well as a variety of Micro Media cards. All "Evidence" can be saved as 100% copies, Linux DD images or E01 image files. All "Evidence" drives can be encrypted "on-the-fly" during the acquisition process to protect sensitive data during transportation or storage. The unit also offers a built-in Gigabit Ethernet connection allowing users to upload images to Storage Area Networks (SAN) for the purpose of processing and archiving images. Additionally user can maximize resources by utilizing the Solo-4 RUGGEDIZED as a platform to perform cell phone acquisition utilizing third party applications such as Paraben's Device Seizure, XRY and more.