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The Rapid Image Forensics Multi-Drive Line of ICS Data Acquisition devices marks a New Age in Forensic Imaging. The Rapid Image Forensics Station is designed with today’s advanced drive interface technologies and today’s advanced processors, to facilitate the High Volume, Forensic Data Acquisition projects demanded by today’s Forensic Lab environment.

The Rapid Image Forensics Station provides Investigators with the unique capability to Simultaneously Capture up to 6 Suspect drives to 6 individual Evidence drives with minimal effect on performance. This Versatile Data Acquisition device also supports Sequentially Capturing and Uploading data from up to 12 Suspect drives for Archiving, Sharing or future Analysis.

The process of Uploading data can be automated without the need of starting multiple acquisition operations. Network Uploads using the unit’s native 1Gigabit Ethernet interface offers speeds exceeding 2GB/min* , and speeds exceeding 4GB/min when using the unit configured with an Ultra-High Speed Network Interface Card such as a 10Gbit NIC** .

*Speeds are highly dependent on the Network Environment in use and therefore can vary.

**10Gbit PCIe NIC Cards are not supplied by ICS